Welcome to Greenway's Car Front Window Sunshade, the perfect solution for business gifts with a personalized touch! Elevate your promotional efforts with our logo-printed sunshades, designed to protect vehicles while showcasing your brand. Advantages: 1. Maximum Brand Exposure: Your logo prominently displayed on sunshades ensures widespread visibility during daily commutes. 2. Superior Heat Reflection: Blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays, reducing interior temperature by up to 40°F. 3. Durable and Long-Lasting: High-quality materials guarantee a lasting impression and continued brand promotion. 4. Customizable Designs: Tailor-made sunshades with various sizes and prints to suit your brand image. 5. Positive Brand Association: Impress clients and employees alike with this practical and thoughtful gift. For exceptional business gifts that combine branding with functionality, choose Greenway Car Sunshade - a smart investment that leaves a lasting impact. For anymore requirement, please contact our hotline : (+1 )657 6100 975 or (+1) 949 742 1114