Preventing saliva - virus - dust Easy cleaning - can be used repeatedly - For all ages For anytime, anywhere Dimension: For adult : 20x30,25x30 For children :15x25 High Quality. * Made of premium material, durable and practical to use. * Professional face shield protects face and eyes from flying debris. * It helps protect eyes and face against certain effects and chemical hazards. * Good anti-fog function and provides clear visibility. * Easy to adjust with elastic headband, secure fit.

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Thông số kỹ thuật: 

* Chất liệu: PET *

 Kích thước: 34 x 20cm (dài x rộng) 

* Màu sắc: Trong suốt (Như Hình ảnh Hiển thị)  


Technical parameters:

* Material: PET

* Size: 34 x 20 ( height x width)

Color: Transparent