Type: Umbrellas Product: Advertising Umbrella/Gift Umbrella Function: All in 1 Pattern: Straight Umbrella, reverse umbrella Control: Semi-automatic Open Diameter: 116cm Age Group:Adults Panel Material:Pongee Material:Polyester,Pongee,Nylon,Plastic Weight:500 grams Frame: Fiberglass Frame color: Multi-color OEM: Acccept Fabric:Pongee,Polyester fabric Handle: Rubber handle Introducing the Inverted Umbrella Double Layer - a truly innovative and versatile umbrella suitable for mums, students, and business men alike. Its unique C-shape handle allows for hands-free convenience, making it an excellent choice for busy individuals juggling multiple tasks. Mums can comfortably hold their babies, students can carry their bags or books, and business men can manage their briefcases or mobile phones, all while staying dry and protected from the rain. But why stop there? When it comes to choosing reliable rain gear, Greenway raincoats stand out as the top choice. With their commitment to quality and durability, Greenway raincoats are specially designed to withstand the elements while keeping you stylish and dry. Embrace practicality and fashion with Greenway raincoats, your ultimate companion in any weather. For anymore requirement, please contact our hotline : (+1 )657 6100 975 or (+1) 949 742 1114